City of Spokane: Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance

The Spokane City Council will be holding a first reading (no testimony taken) of the draft Fair Chance Hiring ("Ban The Box") Ordinance at its meeting on Monday, November 20th, with a public hearing and vote expected the following Monday, November 27th. If you wish to learn more about the draft language and have your voice heard, please attend these meetings!


Washington State Paid Sick & Safe Leave 

Take a couple minutes to read up on the Paid Sick & Safe Leave to start drafting your leave policies!

On October 17, 2017, the Department of Labor & Industries filed the CR-103 on the I-1433 language addressing employer requirements and employee rights. The relevant documents are posted to the “Document Library” of the I-1433 engagement siteIf you'd like input on the Draft Sample Policies, click here to review and comment. 


Case Law Update

9th Circuit: Minimum Wage Is Met Weekly 

In Douglas v. Xerox Business Services, No. 16-35425 (2017), the Ninth Circuit unanimously affirmed a Washington federal court's summary judgment order and joined other circuits in holding that the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") hourly minimum wage requirement is based on the workweek as a whole, and not each individual hour within the workweek. The Court found in favor of Xerox, agreeing that it complied with the minimum wage provision of the FLSA. In other words, the Court said that Xerox's practice of paying workers per hour for some work and per minute for other tasks was legal under the FLSA. In reaching its holding, the Court acknowledged that the statute does not provide a clear answer, and it instead relied on the "powerful history of administrative and judicial decisions that have adopted the per-workweek approach since the passage of the FLSA in 1938."  


Government Affairs Updates

SHRM Olympia has a succinct summary of certain key employment law proposals in Washington State, as well as other case law that may affect human resource management in Washington State.

If you would like to reach out to your local Legislator on a current, pending, or proposed bill or regulation, you can find them on the Washington State Legislature District Finder website. For federal issues, reach out to your State’s Representative or Senator.


Get Involved!

The best way to have your voice heard is to get involved locally.

  • Greater Spokane Incorporated is a business development organization that connects businesses, drives initiatives to improve the Spokane region, and advocates for businesses. You can learn more on GSI’s website.
  • Attending Spokane City Council meetings allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of our dynamic City. Meeting agenda and schedule are available on the City of Spokane’s website